Managed Services

Managed Services

Nexgen-x Systems works with partners to provide managed services solutions that range from network inspection to vendor management. A well maintained network will require less corrective maintenance and will be easier and more reliable to operate. Managing network maintenance separately can be costly and inefficient, but because Nexgen-x Systems runs maintenance activities for several operators, clients receive the best performance at the lowest possible cost.
Operation and maintenance activities at Nexgen-x Systems are grouped into three main categories:-

Preventive maintenance
Corrective maintenance
Network Operations

Nexgen-x Systems performs an in-depth network audit to highlight all immediate and imminent criticalities and define the roadmap of maintenance activities to perform. Afterwards, preventive maintenance ensures that networks continue to operate under normal conditions. On the operational side, monitored activities include network surveillance, helpdesk, support, performance management, dispatch, OSS support, application management and network configuration management.

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