IT Support

IT support professionals assist users with technical issues.

  • troubleshooting hardware and software problems.
  • providing guidance, and resolving technical inquiries.
  • This role may involve remote support or on-site assistance.

Network Administration

responsible for managing an organization’s computer networks.

  • implement network upgrades or expansions.
  • configure and monitor network devices.
  • troubleshoot connectivity issues.

System Administration

System administrators handle the installation.

  • configuration, and maintenance of computer systems and servers.
  • maintenance of computer systems and servers.
  • manage user accounts, perform system backups.

Software Development

Software developers design, code, and maintain software applications.

  • use programming languages.
  • frameworks.
  • development methodologies.


Cybersecurity professionals focus on protecting computer systems.

  • implement security measure.
  • conduct risk assessments.
  • develop security policies.

Cloud Computing

professionals specializing in cloud computing are in high demand.

  • work on designing.
  • managing cloud infrastructure.
  • including cloud storage.

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